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Snippet #1 Bloom - CLOSED

The snippet prompt is being posted early only because I won't have time in the morning.

Fanart: FanArt must be new and drawn for this challenge.
Fanficiton: Fiction must be new and written for this challenge.

Prompt: Bloom

- Entries must be 200 words.
- All participants can collect the token and the "Spring 2017" strip.
- Entries must be commented and are due before the next prompt posts (Next Wednesday morning)

Snippet entries must be submitted with the following format:

Title: XXXX
Author: Your Penname
Genre: What is the genre: romance, adventure, action, smut?
Rating: We use the Dokuga system for Ratings's K, K+, T, M, MA - if you're unsure of which rating to use, then please visit the Rating Page.
Type: Stand alone, part of a story, etc.
Summary: We want to know what we're getting into!
Link: Link it or we can't see it! Can be posted on Dokuga, FF.Net, AO3, or any other medium you prefer.

 photo Snippet_zpsflzwo0m7.png photo 1 Bloom_zpsixd7fiv4.png

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